ITR Filing LaSt Date: IT Dept Won’t Handle Your Return Assuming that THIS Step Is Missed

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ITR Filing

ITR Filing Confirmation Interaction: ITR Documentation indicating the submission of an Individual Assessment Form to the Annual Expenditure Division where citizens commit to record every year. The structure, known as Individual Government Form (ITR), contains details of salary and expenses for the previous monetary year. This multi-step process culminates in a necessary final step that must be completed continuously. This guarantees successful completion of your ITR and convenient exemption, if applicable.

Keep in mind, your ITR will be treated as e-confirmed whenever you complete the e-check process. This step is important so it is considered as the last step towards your ITR documentation process.

What is ITR Verification?

When one starts filing ITR, there are certain steps involved and each step you need to follow once you log in to the ITR login.

From Social Affairs to your records, like Frame 16, your compensation slip, your bank statements, and whatever other records show your wages and costs.

Choosing the right ITR structure is imperative as there are seven unique ITR structures that citizens can use based on their salary, type of revenue and various other elements. You should choose the ITR structure that is ideal for you.

Carefully complete the ITR structure, taking care to enter the entirety of the required data. Whenever you have completed the ITR structure, you should calculate your valuation risk. If you have any outstanding dues, you should pay them before recording your ITR.

However, when all these are over, the single most important part of recording ITR is checking ITR. The IT department has also made e-verification an option for your ITR. Whenever you have documented your ITR, you can e-check it to ensure that it has been handled correctly.

Here are the best ways to e-verify ITR:

  • Visit the e-recording gateway: HERE
  • Sign in using your Client ID and passphrase.
  • Click on the “e-document” menu and select “e-cheque return”.
  • Enter your container, select the assessment year, enter the confirmation number of the documented ITR and the versatile number available
  • with you and click on proceed.
  • Choose the e-check strategy you want to use.
  • Follow the steps to complete the e-verification process.

You can e-confirm your benefits using the Internet:

  • OTP on the portable number listed with Aadhaar, or
  • EVC generated through your pre-approved ledger, or
  • EVC created through your pre-approved Demat account, or
  • EVC (Disconnected Strategy) through ATM, or
  • net banking, or
  • Advanced Mark Certification (DSC).

How do you know the e-verification has expired?

If you are e-checking your return:

A victory message will be shown with the Exchange ID.
An email will be sent from your email id listed with the e-documenting gateway
Whenever you have completed the verification cycle, your ITR will be treated as verified and processed as per the ITD system.

ITR Filing last DaTe:

The due date for filing ITR for the financial year 2022-23 is July 31, 2023. Despite this, there are certain categories of citizens who are allowed to file their ITRs later, for example individuals who opt for ITR – 6.

Citizens can record their ITR online through the e-documenting gateway of the Individual Assessment Division. They can also document their disconnected ITR by submitting a printed copy of the ITR Structure to the Personal Duty Division.

There are definite advantages of recording ITR. For example, citizens who record their ITR on time are eligible for exemption from any additional burden paid by them.

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